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Emergency Communications Tower Applications
Solar / Wireless / Surveillance

No Power or Telephone Line Available
Offers completely wireless telephone tower packages providing: Solar Power or GSM Cellular Communications
No Power Available; Telephone Line is Available
Offers a tower package designed for Solar Power Applications, including tower body, solar arm for mounting 80 Watt solar panel array, telephone or VoIP options, and more.
Power Available; No Telephone Line Available 
Offers a tower package designed for wireless communications, including the following options: AC or DC power options, GSM Cellular Communications or Wireless VoIP
Lighting Power and Telephone Line are Available
Offers a tower package designed to utiltize lighting power that is available only at night.
Telephone Communications and Video Surveillance
Offers a video surveillance tower package, including 120 V ac Power Input, telephone and VoIP options, and more.
Lighting Power Is Available; No Telephone Line Avalable
Offers a pole-mounted solution similar to our tower package designed to utilize lighting power that is available only at night.

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