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Telephone Management Application

TMA Versions older than 7.3.0 must be uninstalled prior to downloading a new TMA copy.
TMA Versions 7.3.0 or newer can commence the download without uninstalling the current copy.

Note: VoIP Telephones to be monitored with this version of TMA must be operating with a firmware version of 3.0.8 or higher. The firmware version currently installed in a telephone can be found on the opening screen when programming the unit. Proceed with the download per the following instructions:

Download/Installation Instructions
  • Using the TMA computer, click the “Software Upgrade” button above to download the “” file. Upon completion of the download, right-click the “” file and select “Extract All” from the menu to unpack the file. Store the “Tma_Setup_xxx.exe” file in a convenient location on the C: drive of the TMA computer.
  • Prior to uninstalling TMA (if older than version 7.3.0), or prior to running the “Tma_Setup_xxx” installer, perform the following steps:
    1. Close the Telephone Management Application, if currently running.
    2. Terminate any running SPI applications by right-clicking on each SPI Telephone Icon in the Taskbar Notification Area and selecting “Terminate SPI”. Refer to section “Launch DTMF” in the TMA Installation Bulletin (link located below).
    3. Remove the USB Security Key from the computer’s USB port.
  • Follow the instructions located in the TMA Installation Bulletin (follow link below), starting with the “Installing TMA” section. In Step 1, double-click the previously extracted “Tma_Setup_xxx.exe” file to start the installation.
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