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Mine Dial / Page Telephone - Permissible


  • Selective and All-Call Paging
  • Private Conversations
  • Place and Receive Calls
  • Each Station Allows Simultaneous, Independent Conversations On Each Phone
  • Emergency Page Function Is Automatically Enabled if Switchboard Is Out of Order, Or If Power Fails
  • Flashing Light Designed For Use In Noisy Areas Where A Ring Might Not Be Heard; Light Also Improves Ability To Locate Phone In Dark Areas
  • For Ease Of Installations, Each Interface Cabinet Supports Up To 80 Extensions.
  • 8-Hour Minimum Battery Backup
Product Literature
  Mine Dial / Page Telephone  
Pub. 060601
Installation Manual
  491-204 Mine Dial / Page Telephone
Mine Dial/ Page Telephone
Phone Interface Cabinet
Other Mine Telephones

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