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Industrial Communication Systems

ICS the latest generation of SmartSeries™ and Page/Party® products, and provides two plant communication functions in one durable, easy-to-operate package, offering paging, and five line intercom capability.
ADVANCE / SmartSeries
ADVANCE / SmartSeries™ is a fully-monitored Emergency Notification System utilizing GAI-Tronics proven Page/Party® architecture.
Page/Party® Page/Multi-Party communication system allows for location of individuals anywhere within the facility by accessing the page function. Two-way conversation can then occur by using the party line feature.
Centra Page/Party®
Centra Page/Party® This system provides dependable paging and party line communications for rugged and hazardous industrial facilities.
Elemec3 is a network enabled Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) system designed for life critical installations in the world’s toughest industrial communications markets.
Line Extender Model LE300 is used in pairs to provide a transparent extension or expansion of a conventional Page/Party® or SmartSeries™ single or multi-party system.
IP Line Extender Model LE300-IP is used in pairs to connect two Page/Party®, SmartSeries™ or ICS systems together over an IP Network using Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet access.
NOVA Public Address / General Alarm Equipment
NOVA Public Address / General Alarm system utilizes microprocessor technology to provide superior performance and reliability for all types of facilities. 
Call/Talk® Provides paging and party-line capabilities in a durable, easy-to-operate package.
Sonic Alarm™
Sonic Alarm GAI-Tronics® Sonic Alarm™ Systems deliver outstanding performance by combining intelligible broadcasts, versatile system design, and proven, lasting service. 

SP2 Serverless Page/Party
SP2 is GAI-Tronics’ most advanced paging and intercom system yet. Combining the simplicity of “press to page, release to party” operation with cutting-edge multicast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SP2 is capable of providing virtually instant communication in the most demanding of environments.

Industrial Radio A wireless station providing two-way voice communication in the UHF band. Radio communications are possible even in the most severe environmental conditions.
Ancillary Products Need a product for all your Page/Party® or ADVANCE SmartSeries™ system requirements? We have Merge/Isolate Cabinet & Desktop Station, drivers, speakers, acoustic hoods, cable, audio power amplifiers, signaling interfaces Our Acoustics Brochure is also available.
Audio Messenger Interface (AMI)
Audio Messenger Interface Provides superior quality digital tone/speech generation and offers telephone interface and feedback elimination capability. Emergency tone alarms, pre-recorded voice messages, and automated normal operation announcements.
Digital Intercom
Digital Intercom Systems Offering a full line of digital intercommunication products to address the growing need for safe and reliable communications for areas such as parking decks and garages, public access areas, building entry, as well as light and heavy industrial facilities.
Driller's Intercom
Hazardous Area Digital Intercom 
Provides communications between drill operators and rig personnel. Comprised of a central controller or intercom server and various outstations, the system’s digital architecture is used to link the stations with the intercom server.
EZ Page
EZ Page is an industrial grade common talk/ shout back system for non- hazardous areas.
RigCom is a hazardous area common talk / shout back system with models available for UL Class I Division 1 and IEC Zone 1 areas.
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