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 Mass Notification and Campus Public Address

Campus Public Address: the key to a successful Mass Notification system

Mass Notification can be accomplished in many ways. Text messaging emails, sirens, and flashing strobes are all excellent methods of getting peoples’ attention but the key to successful notification is the spoken word. Specific instructions for a particular situation are the best method to insure everyone knows exactly where to go and what to do.


GAI-Tronics’ Campus Public Address products are designed to get the message to the masses via a distributed speaker system design. The intent of a distributed speaker system is to evenly distribute the broadcasted audio at a more comfortable level intended for people/ students local to the active speaker (within 1,000 feet). This approach limits the affect of the notification system on surrounding communities and conflicting sound ordinances. 


GAI-Tronics’ Model 234SBA Stanchion Broadcast Assembly [shown left] is intended for new system installations requiring both two-way communications and one-way public address broadcasting. The nine foot high stanchion can provide up to 360° broadcast coverage. It is addressable and can be accessed from a 600 Ohm audio input, RF radio system (VHF/UHF), or VoIP network!


Can an existing GAI-Tronics stanchion installation be upgraded to provide the public address functionality? Of course it can! GAI-Tronics’ Model 234SBM [shown right] is designed to retrofit an existing Model 234 stanchion. It is designed to mount directly to the top of the existing stanchion, extending the height by approximately 18 inches. It will include all the features of the 234SBA. 


What about areas that can not be reached by a stanchion broadcast (courtyards, indoors, etc.)?  GAI-Tronics’ Addressable Amplified Speakers [shown left] can be discretely installed wherever additional coverage is needed.

Direct and solar power options give this speaker great location flexibility. It is completely self-contained and is accessible from the same audio source driving the stanchion broadcast products. Battery back-up is also available.

All GAI-Tronics’ campus pubic address speaker products are completely weatherproof. 


GAI-Tronics also offers the head-end equipment for a completely integrated system. In conjunction with our Audio Messenger Interface, the Model ACC2500 Audio Control Center Deskset [pictured left] can activate up to 125 pre-programmed tones, speech messages, or combinations of both.

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It allows a voice broadcast override of the current alarm and can perform specific unit, zone, or all broadcasting. In addition to the speech or alarm tone audio, the system can be programmed to provide strobe activation at each stanchion during a broadcast. This will provide a visual indication of an alarm situation to the hearing impaired. Additionally, the system allows dial-up voice access from the existing telephone system with the same unit/zone/all addressability. 

Please contact the factory at 1-800-492-1212 or customerservice@gai-tronics.com for additional information.
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