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Intercom / Paging

SP2 Serverless Page/Party: SP2 is GAI-Tronics’ most advanced paging and intercom system yet. Combining the simplicity of “press to page, release to party” operation with cutting-edge multicast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SP2 is capable of providing virtually instant communication in the most demanding of environments.
Offshore Communication Solutions: Find out which communication solution is best. Available is an overview in pdf format of the following products RigCom, EZ Page, SmartSeries / Page/Party®, Centra Page/Party®, Digital Intercom and Elemec plus: Digitally Controlled Voice Evacuation System.
For more information please email us: customerservice@gai-tronics.com 
Offshore Communication Solutions
Ancillary Items Need a product for all your Page/Party® or ADVANCE SmartSeries™ system requirements?  We have drivers, speakers, acoustic hoods, cable, signaling interfaces and industrial radio. Our Acoustics Brochure is also available.  Click Here For the PDF.
ICS - Industrial Communications Systems is GAI-Tronics’ latest generation of SmartSeries™ and Page/Party® products, providing two important plant communication functions in one durable, easy-to-operate package.
Page/Party®: Page/Multi-Party communication system allows for location of individuals anywhere within the facility by accessing the page function. Two-way conversation can then occur by using the party line feature.
ADVANCE / SmartSeries™ is a fully-monitored Emergency Notification System utilizing GAI-Tronics proven Page/Party® architecture.
ADVANCE / SmartSeries™
Digital Intercom Systems: Digital Intercom is a star wired point-to-point communication system, providing "all call" functionality and private line communications. Products Available: Digital Intercom Servers, Handsfree, Handset and Div 2 Stations, and Hazardous Area Digital Intercom
Digital Intercom
Centra Page/Party®: system permits two-way conversation between two or more persons to be held simultaneously on one of two party lines without broadcasting over the speakers. The key electronic components of this system are contained in a central control cabinet, providing environmental protection and easy maintenance. All equipment is independently wired to a central source to ensure total reliability.
Centra Page/Party®
Loudspeaking Telephones for Mines: A common-talk communications system designed for a wide variety of rugged applications.
Loudspeaking Telephones for Rigs, Mills and other Industrial Applications: A common-talk communications system designed for a wide variety of rugged applications.
EZ Page: is an industrial grade common talk/ shout back system for non- hazardous areas.
EZ Page
RigCom: is a hazardous area common talk / shout back system with models available for UL Class I Division 1 and IEC Zone 1 areas.
Call/Talk®: Provides paging and party-line capabilities in a durable, easy-to-operate package.
Plant personnel use the paging capability to locate individuals throughout the facility, Further communication then occurs over the party line, allowing two or more people to converse without being heard over the speakers. GAI-Tronics offers two variations of Call/Talk®: Single-Party (one party line), or Multi-Party (five party lines for up to five simultaneous two-way conversations).
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